death of the moth

by blacklake

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released July 31, 2016



all rights reserved


blacklake New Hampshire

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Track Name: death of the moth
shunning sunday morning stunning sun
mourning the death of the moth
who willingly flew into its own grave
in between the glass and screen
rotting silently
turning to dust
your death in my palm was the lake at night
i'm unable to grasp the size
and it's hard for me to face
i was the one who was in the way
Track Name: through open windows
i felt the sky
i felt the sky rolling over
away from me forever
and there's a question
there's a question that i refuse to ask
but i'll ask it anyway

"who am i to say who i am
when i only see myself as a reflection?"
no breeze, motionless leaves
the silence comes roaring in through open windows
as if to say "give up"
the lake at night sits silently and stares
i am staring into nothing
and nothing's staring into me
Track Name: "it seems far away and gentle now"
the moon's seeping through certain curtains and there you were
in the chair by the window, staring at your reflection, staring back at you
sitting in the blue light, what you really look like
the house is sleeping you are weeping for the moon and for yourself
and i walk out of the house and into the yard, thinking to myself,
"i miss the mist that covered me, the cloudy coffin that buried me in sleep"
Track Name: i know i'm not
in a morning still disguised
in the blue of the moonlight
the lawns all fill with fog and so do i

watching from the window
a world i can't fit into
i know i'm not alone while i'm alive
Track Name: (no singing)
Track Name: in the morning, on the shore
in the morning on the shore
as the lake is being born
the birds continue singing
the songs they sang before
and i am in my room
and i'm lying on the floor

i'm useless and dry
born in the lake at night i'm
sleeping in the silent woods for good

the moth slid outta life on the sill
i'm mourning you still
Track Name: two voices
two voices side by side and intertwined
trapped between two eternities
one repeats the other
the other only sighs
now they only sigh

and sometimes i leave the windows open
to remind myself there was something here before me
now i only sigh

redefine the lie
redefine the lie you tell yourself at night

sleep away the pain
sleep away the pain til it turns to gray

dream of a new life
dream of a new life inside the lake at night
Track Name: the song of the sill
from its grave between the glass and the screen
the moth sings the song of the sill
Track Name: as the lake is being born
in the morning on the shore
as the lake is being born
the birds continue singing
the songs they sang before

lie down
in the
field for
get the
that you
Track Name: i am a cloud
what was it i was tryna find
before the moth fluttered from its life
five pines lie down on sky
the blind's lines lie across my eyes
partially letting in daylight
is this what it means to be a lie
like a shadow at night or the moon in the day
i can hardly see my shape
as if there was something to see anyway

there are antlers in the trees
constantly calling for me

i am the fog in the lawn of my heart
i am a cloud
Track Name: through my fault
morning sunlight
passing through my room
i am getting
too tired to move

there is nothing that i could've done
and now i know that that is my fault

i remember the night the sky died
orange, blue, and gray
i'm having trouble thinking
of reasons to stay
Track Name: (no talking)
Track Name: into nothing
drifting slowly downwards
into nothing, into yourself
water envelops, flows over your face

drifting slowly downwards
into nothing, into yourself
water envelops, fills in the empty space

thinking back on the birds
outside the window
water envelops, flows over your face

you don't have to stay
the wind blows everything away
Track Name: the deer go back to the woods
as if to say "there's nothing left worth saying"
the deer go back to the woods
and i think i should
but the songs that i keep singing
are the birds lost in the morning
of a parking lot at night
now there's two of me
standing in a lake
staring at each other
knowing that they can't go back